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Tolerance EN 10216-5: 2004 Stainless steel seamless tubes for pressure purposes.   

Tolerance on outer diameter Tolerance on thickness
category tolerance category tolerance
D3 ±0,75% min ±0,30mm T3 ±10,0% min ±0,2mm
D4 ±0,50% min ±0,10mm T4 ±7,5% min ±0,15mm

Tolerances according to ASTM A269 and ASTM A213    

Outer Diameter Outer Diam. Tol. Tol. Tthickness Tol. roundness
mm mm mm mm
inf à 12,7mm ±0,13mm ±15% -
sup à 12,7mm et inf à 38,1mm ±0,13mm ±10% max 1,65mm
sup à 38,1mm et inf à 88,9mm ±0,25mm ±10% max 2,41mm

Tolerances according to ASTM A312   

Outer Diameter Outer Diam. Tol.
mm mm
10,29mm up to 48,26mm +0,40mm -0,79mm
>48,26 mm up to 114,30mm +0,79mm -0,79mm
>114,30mm up to 219,08mm +1,59mm -0,79mm
>219,08mm up to 457,20mm +2,38mm -0,79mm